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Easter Weekend

The Easter Bunny is making a special visit to Ferine Alpine Resort and has a TON of chocolates and candies to give out!

Participate in our Easter Egg Hunt or our Easter Egg Jar guessing game to score some awesome treats.

Visit the Easter Bunny in the plaza to get your photo with our big, furry friend and learn how to participate in our activities.

When: Sunday, April 17th
Time: 10:00 am – 1:00 pm
Where: Plaza Gazebo (in the village between the Day Lodge and the Retail Shop)


Age Categories for the Easter Egg Hunt:

2-5yrs: Scavenger hunt in the village

6-12yrs: Scavenger hunt on the lower mountain. Must have riding equipment to get down a green run.

No age restrictions to participate in the chocolate egg jar guessing game!

More Information:

Guess how many Easter Eggs we could stuff into a jar. The winner will be announced shortly after 1 pm, and they get to take home the jar of eggs!! The winner must be able to pick up the jar and take it home that day!

2-5yrs: Easter Egg Hunt will be around the village area for this age group. Come to the
village in the morning to receive your first clue. Once you have found all the clues, the last
clue will have strings attached. Un-tie a string and bring it back to the Easter Bunny to
receive your chocolate/ treat package.

6-12yrs: You will need your skis for this one. Come to the plaza to receive your first clue and
then find the remaining four eggs down this one run on the lower mountain. Each egg will
lead you to the next. Make sure you don’t miss a clue because you need the last clue to
receive your treats. When you have found the last clue, you will have to solve the
word scramble, which will be your “secret password”. Once you have figured it out, come
down to the village and whisper your password to the Easter Bunny. If it is correct, you
receive your bag of chocolates/treats!

No registration is required, but supplies are limited. Make sure to come early to get your treats!


Apr 17 2022


10:00 AM - 01:00 PM
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